I am an artist happily creating in my light-filled art studio.

​All my paintings used to be signed with my maiden name of VOLSCHENK, but most people had difficulty with that one! However, that’s why you will still see some pieces signed with that name. I come from a long line of artistic Volschenks and it’s a name I am particularly proud of. It also translates as ‘full measure’ which suits me well as I have always lived life to the full – still do!

​I now sign my work with a symbol that incorporates the initials:


My late husband used to say: “Maria possesses – or is possessed by – an intense sense of curiosity which leads her constantly to search for new artistic experiences.” This, because I work in watercolour, pastel, oils and acrylic, including graphite and charcoal, on a broad spectrum of subject matter. This caused many people to comment on my diversity.

My work ranges from delicately accurate line and wash paintings to colourful African naїvite and from Impressionism to powerful abstracts.

Art is by its nature a journey of discovery and its creation a process of exploration of the relationship between the painter and her subject matter. I feel that if one kept on producing the same sort of thing, there would be little growth or development.

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”

Pablo Picasso

After a commercial career culminating in several years as the Office Administration Manager of the (then) Southern Hemisphere’s largest shopping mall, Sandton City, I established my own successful (small) art gallery, Creative Heritage, in Johannesburg, South Africa, my country of birth.

I moved to Cyprus in 2001 where I still live.

Although essentially self-taught, I attended several art courses in Umbria and at Lake Como in Italy. I also learned a lot from Elli Lestas, a Masters Graduate of Goldsmiths in London during the three years I attended lessons with her.

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